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Moisturizing Crème™ "The PINK Stuff"
$14.00 /2oz — $20.00 /4 oz
It is made with natural ingredients.
The Moisture Creme is especially formulated to replinish moisture to damaged, dry, or split ends, due to flaky skin, scratching, chewing, or hot irons.
It is the ultimate product for extremely matted or felted coats.
Moisture Creme makes combing enjoyable!
Moisture Creme moisturizes the skin, helping reduce the cause of scratching.
It does not leave the coat greasy or oily, but smooth and conditioned.
It does not attract dirt to the coat, or leave a residue on floors that make them slippery.
It can be used on any coat, but especially beneficial for two coated dogs.
This will help get mats out, and improve their overall coat.
Simple to use, soften a tiny bit between your fingers, rub into the mat, pull apart and brush or comb out.